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Air Smart | Air Conditioning Service Price List
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Air Conditioning Service Price List

Gold Coast Air Conditioning Service & Repairs



Split System Service

(All price are inclusive of GST)

Split System Service (price for 1 system)

Call out (first 30 min) includes travel

  • wash filters
  • check gas levels
  • wash outdoor
  • add mould tablet in indoor unit drain pan
  • drain clean/chemically treat = $145 


Additional Split System (each) 

  • Same day (30 min) = $110 each


Multi-head splits (each)

  • on same day (after first indoor unit) 30 min = $40


Optional Coil and barrel fan clean:

  • Same day (30 min) = $65
  • If you unit is moldy, this is recommended


Ducted Air Conditioning Service

Call out (first 60 min) includes travel

  • wash filter
  • check gas levels
  • wash outdoor
  • add deodorize tablet in pan
  • clean drain out and chemically treat = $210


Additional systems (each) on same day = $160


Re-gas – Split & Ducted


Basic leak detection, check flare nuts, includes pressure test (60 min)

  • Split re-gas (R410A gas) = $175
  • Ducted re-gas (R410A gas) = $265
  • Split re-gas(R22) = not available
  • Ducted (R22)= >$900** to be assessed and quoted
  • Leak Detection per hour (after first 60 minutes) = $105


**Systems over 10 yrs old generally require R22 gas.


We strongly recommend replacing systems that use R22 as there is no guarantee that a re gas will fix the problem.  The money put towards re gas would be better put towards a new system


Breakdown – Split, Ducted, Refrigeration


  • Call out (first 30 min) includes travel = $100
  • Urgent call out (first 30 min) includes travel = $200
  • Charge per 60 min after = $105
  • Refrigeration & Cold Room breakdowns – further work to be quoted



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