Troubleshooting Guide

Having problems with your Air Conditioner? Summer is approaching, temperatures are rising and the scorching day has convinced you to start up your air conditioner again. Except there’s one problem. It’s not working. We see […]

Energex Peaksmart Meter

One way you can save energy and get real rewards for your home is by installing PeakSmart air-conditioning. If your unit is eligible for a peak smart meter cash back reward, the value of the […]

Back To Back Split System Installation

You will often see great prices advertised for cheap split system installations, often what people may not be aware of these prices are for a back to back installation, if your installation is not back […]

Ducted Air Conditioning Zoning Systems

A good zoning system is important to ensuring your Ducted System is energy efficient and is not wasting electricity by running air-conditioned air into areas of your home that are not in use, this is […]