Ducted Zone Systems

Ducted Zoning Systems

When you purchase a Ducted Air Conditioner, your system will come with a Zoning System. A good zoning system means your unit will run more effectively and save you money on energy bills

Zone Touch

  • Modern digital touchpad mounted on your wall
  • Ability to adjust the airflow into each zoned area
  • Adjust airflow to cooler / warmer parts of your home
  • Supports energy efficiency

Air Touch 4

Upgrade Option: Price $1,400 inc GST

  • $150 bonus gift card (click banner for details)
  • Smart tablet mounted to the wall
  • Operates just like a tablet
  • Individual room sensors to automatically manage room temps
  • Automatically adjust as room temps change during the day
  • Google / Amazon home compatible
  • Compatible with other Smart home add on products e.g. Smart Lights, Smart Doorbell
  • Smartphone remote control from anywhere
  • Excellent for energy efficiency

Advantages Of Having A Zone System With More Functionality

  • Manage hotter/cooler parts of the house by using additional control functionality
  • You have more control of the energy-efficient running of your machine
  • Both Zone Touch & Air Touch 4 have functions that support energy efficiency

Comparing Quotes?

  • Some company’s use the Zone Switch as their standard inclusion
  • This zoning system is an old zoning system with no functionality
  • it only allows you to switch your zone open / closed
  • requires a constant zone, which is not energy efficient



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