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Ducted Zone Systems - Air Smart
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Ducted Zone Systems

A Ducted Air Con System will come with a zone control system.  Zone control will allow you to control the air flow into the zoned areas of your home.


Generally there are 3 types of Zone Control System we work with:


  • Zone Switch – basic/cheapest option – on/off function only (standard system included in your quoted price)
  • Zone Touch – modern/ mid range price – balance air flow to manage cooler /warmer parts of the house, digital touch screen
  • Air Touch 3 –  modern/ top end price – room sensors, set individual room temps, balance air flow, smartphone remote, google/amazon assistant compatibility, digital touch screen


Advantages of having a zone system with more functionality


  • Manage hotter/cooler parts of the house by using additional control functionality
  • You have more control of the energy efficient running of your machine
  • Both Zone Touch & Air Touch 3 have functions that support energy efficiency


Click on the below images to read more product information on each.

Zone Switch

Zone Touch

Air Touch 3

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