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Air Conditioning Servicing, Repairs & Maintence

We provide aircon service maintenance schedules for both residential and commercial situations, which will ensure the efficient running of your air conditioning system.

Faulty, unserviced, or unclean air conditioning systems can account for a large part of a home or business’s energy costs. Therefore it is important to keep your air conditioning serviced regularly. 

Split System Air Conditioning Service Cost Gold Coast

Prices Inclusive of GST

Split System Service Cost (Price For 1 System)

This Split System Air Conditioning Gold Coast service is $155.00 and includes the following:

  •  Call out fee + travel (first 30 mins)
  • Wash all indoor filters
  • Wash outdoor unit
  • Clean and chemically treat drain, drain pan + flush line
  • Add a deodorising tablet to help control the build-up of mould
  • General maintenance check overall connections, pipes + refrigerant levels

Additional Split System Service Cost (Each)

  • Same day (30 min) = $110 each

Multi-Head Splits (Each)

  • On same day (after first indoor unit) 30 min = $40

Optional Coil & Barrel Fan Clean

If your unit has mould, this is recommended

  • Same day (30 min) = $65

Ducted Aircon Service Gold Coast

Ducted Air Conditioning (1 System)

This service is $220.00 and includes the following:

  • Call out fee + travel (first 60mins)
  • Wash indoor filter
  • Wash outdoor unit
  • Clean and chemically treat drain, drain pan + flush line
  • Add a deodorizing tablet to help control mould build-up
  • General maintenance checks overall connections, pipes + refrigerant levels

Additional system service (each) on same day = $160

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Re-Gas: Split System & Ducted Air Conditioning

  • R410 /R32 Gas refill includes basic leak detection, check flare nuts, pressure test =$520
  • Leak detection per hour, after first hour = $105
  • R22 gas refill, split system = not available* 
  • R22 gas refill, ducted system = <$900 to be assessed & quoted*

Systems over 10 yrs old generally require R22 gas. Your system will have a sticker on it indicating what Gas type it is.

We strongly recommend replacing systems that use R22 as there is no guarantee that a re-gas will fix the problem.

Breakdown: Split System, Ducted & Refrigeration

  • Call out (first 30 min) includes travel = $135
  • Urgent call out (first 30 min) includes travel = $235
  • Charge per 60 min after = $125
  • Refrigeration & Cold Room breakdowns – further work to be quoted

Fast Response

Air Smart Air Conditioning provides a complete support service to all our clients. We recognise that quick response times are vital when an air conditioner, cold room, or supermarket refrigeration unit breaks down.

See the below to view our service and breakdown pricing.

Maintenance Schedules

Without regular air conditioning maintenance and service, an air conditioner loses about 5% of its original efficiency for each year of operation.

Air Smart Air Conditioning recommends servicing your air conditioner in the Spring, ensuring your air conditioner is running at maximum capacity and energy efficiency before you need it in the hot summer months.


Air Smart Air Conditioning provides emergency refrigeration & aircon repairs on the Gold Coast.

With a complete support service to all our clients, our fully qualified technicians are always on hand to carry out breakdown and repair work.

Give our rapid response team a call today.



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