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If you are looking for residential air conditioning in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, then look no further than the team at Air Smart Air Conditioning. We offer residential aircon installation and services for every budget and every home. Whether you are looking for a new ducted air conditioning system for your whole house, a multi-system for an apartment, or even just a one-off split system, then we have the right solution for you!

Residential Air Conditioning Installations Gold Coast

Whether you require a new ducted system or split AC installation at Air Smart Air Conditioning, our staff understands the importance of providing the right solution, from design and product selection to ongoing support.

Split System Air Conditioning

A Split System installation is perfect for that one to two-room air conditioning solution. Our split system installations on the Gold Coast are designed to suit all needs, room sizes, and budgets.

With most of our residential split system air conditioning installations, they can be completed in around 5 days or less. Check out our service price list for an idea of the average cost of installation.

To find out more about our aircon installations on the Gold Coast, call us today for a free quote on 5563 8530 or fill out our contact us form.

Residential Ducted Air Conditioning

Our energy-efficient ducted air conditioning is an ideal solution for providing air-conditioned comfort to a single room or the entire home.

Ducted air conditioning systems are made up of an outdoor unit located outside and an indoor unit located in the roof of a house with ductwork running through the walls to each required room to cool/heat.


zoning options

Zoning Options

At Air Smart, we offer ducted air conditioning zoning options so that rooms can be sectioned off depending on preferences. This can be a great way to cut down on the cost of electricity bills during those warmer and cooler months on the Gold Coast.

Ducted air conditioners and ducted systems can achieve un-compromised results, with minimal visual impact to provide a more modern look.

Ducted Zoning Systems

When you purchase a Ducted Air Conditioner from Air Smart Air conditioning, your system will come with a Zoning System. A good zoning system means your unit will run more effectively and save you money on energy bills.

Ducted Aircon Gold Coast Advantage

Manage hotter/cooler parts of the house by using additional control temperature control functionality. You have more control over the energy efficiency of your air conditioning unit. 

Both Zone Touch & Air Touch 4 from Air Smart air conditioning have functions that support energy efficiency.

Residential Ducted Air Conditioning Prices

The below prices can be used as a guide to help you decide if this type of air conditioning fits within your budget:

Small Home: $7k-$10k
Average Home: $10-14k
Large Home: $14k+

Request a free quote today for us to determine the perfect energy-efficient ducted air conditioning installation on the Gold Coast.

Or you can also visit our ducted air conditioning cost list if you’re after a service or maintenance for existing ducted systems.

Multi-System Air Conditioning Systems

Multi-system air conditioning installations consist of multiple outdoor and indoor units that run off the single outdoor unit.

All the indoor units can be the same type of unit or different units to suit your specific needs.

The airflow is distributed to all the indoor units that are turned on.

This allows you to have full control over what rooms and power settings you wish to have air conditioning dispersed to.

You can individually control the different temperatures in each room, helping you save running costs by heating or cooling rooms as required.

For more information on Air Smart’s multi-system air conditioning installations on the Gold Coast, call us today on 5563 8530 or fill out our contact us form to receive a free quote.

Choosing The Right Air Conditioner For Gold Coast Homes

With the variety of options air conditioning systems on the Gold Coast, it’s not an uncommon query for someone to ask which is the best one. 

The core function of these two kinds of air conditioners is the same – cooling or heating your home – but the ways in which they implement that function are entirely different. Air Smart can help you determine which type will best suit your needs and space.

Ducted Air Conditioner Features

Ducted air conditioners have an internal fan coil unit installed in the roof space of the home.From this central location, a series of ducts run from it and into as many rooms in the house as you desire. These ducts allow you to cool or heat each room individually. 

Split System Air Conditioners Features

The relatively low purchase price of split AC systems makes them a popular choice. Another perk is that the installation is simpler.

 In smaller spaces, it is a great option for cooling and heating.

Custom System Design Service

In House Mechanical Engineer

Enjoy peace of mind knowing our in-house mechanical engineer designs all our systems for domestic clients, from simple ducted system design through to large scale design, estimation for commercial projects, residential developments and complex high-end home airflow design.

Mechanical Estimation And Tendering Service

Whether it’s a domestic home or large scale project our engineer designs every system to ensure our recommended system is fit for purpose, based on a heat load calculation.

Your Residential Air Conditioning Questions Answered

Installation for ducted AC is more expensive. However, ducted aircon can be more cost-effective to run. New ducted air conditioning systems usually divide the house up into zones, and this is cheaper to run than the other aircons. Split AC systems are cheaper to install. However, they only cover a small area compared to a ducted system, so they are best for smaller properties.

In both new and existing homes, ducted air conditioner installation is an excellent choice for replacement or first-time installation. Your home or office will never suffer from hot or cold spots again after installing a ducted air conditioner. With zonal control, purified air is evenly distributed to the areas needed and runs smoothly, efficiently, and quietly. 

When it comes to installing ducted air con in an existing home, it is usually still quite an easy process. Some questions arise, such as Is the home single-storey or multi-storey and how much space is there in the ceiling cavity?

It is initially more timely to install, but central air conditioning controls the climate of the whole home and offers higher energy efficiency —a key component that may mean money back in your pocket with ducted systems.

Features of raked ceilings may make it trickier to install modern heating and cooling systems. Luckily there are ways to navigate around their quirks in order to enjoy temperature control in your home.

Our In House Mechanical Engineer enables us to design tailor-fit solutions for ensuring your space is comfortably climate controlled. We use all the knowledge and experience from our commercial projects to design super-efficient residential systems and install them with very high standards of quality.

Reverse cycle air conditioning refers to a refrigeration cycle that can provide both “heating and cooling” solutions. This is done by reversing the refrigeration cycle so that the system can heat in winter and cool in summer.
The entire system is efficient, adaptable, and flexible. Air Smart Air conditioning has an array of air conditioner options that have a reverse cycle feature for the ultimate
heating and cooling solution in Gold Coast.

The outdoor unit is placed in position and the refrigeration pipes and the electrical interconnect are run from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit. Holes then need to be cut for the supply air diffusers and then these diffusers are fitted.

We have been offering air conditioner installations, air conditioning repairs, designs and services for over 15 years as one of the top air conditioner companies on the Gold Coast.

The need to have the exterior unit relatively proximate to the head units will affect whether this is a suitable solution for your property. 

You will often see great prices advertised for cheap split system installations, often what people may not be aware of these prices are for a back to back installation, if your installation is not back to back you can get caught out with a number of extras.

Generally a back to back installation will cover the following:

  • indoor unit, outdoor unit, remote control
  • plastic capping to cover pipes
  • 3 meters of piping between the indoor unit & the outdoor unit
  • single story installation
  • the indoor unit is mounted on a wall that is also external facing


Air Smart back to back installation will include:

  • indoor & outdoor unit, remote
  • all materials for installation, including brackets or slab for the outdoor to be mounted on
  • isolator at the outdoor unit
  • 4 meters of pipe, each meter after that charged at $20/meter
  • visit our split system price list Split Systems


A multi-headed split system may also be a viable option where ducting a split system is not feasible due to limited space.

 To receive a free quote contact our team on 07 5563 8530 for more information, or submit an enquiry form.



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