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Residential - Air Smart
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 We offer a range of air conditioning systems within your budget

Split Systems

Ducted Systems

Multi Systems

Split Systems

Wall-mounted split systems provide a great cooling or heating solution for individual rooms or open plan living.

Split system installations are available in various capacities that can be up to 30% more efficient and economical than conventional fixed speed units. Our inverter air condition units work more quickly and quietly.

Our split system installations on the Gold Coast are designed to suit all needs, room sizes and budgets.

Check out our split system deals, splits installed within 5 days!

Split System Deals

To find out more about our split system installations on the Gold Coastcall us today for a free quote on 5563 8530 or fill out our contact us form.

Ducted Systems

Our energy-efficient ducted air conditioners are an ideal solution for providing air-conditioned comfort to a single room or the entire home. Ducted systems are made up of an outdoor unit located outside and an indoor unit located in the roof of a house with ductwork running through the walls to each required room to cool/heat.

An energy-efficient ducted air conditioner system can achieve uncompromised results, with minimal visual impact to provide a more modern look.

Have a look at our ducted house packages; we can tailor to suit any needs!

Ducted System Deals

Request a free quote today for us to determine the perfect energy efficient ducted air conditioner installation on the Gold Coast. 

Multi Systems

Multi system air conditioning installations consist of an outdoor unit and multiple indoor units that run off the single outdoor unit. All the indoor units can be the same type of unit or different units to suit your specific needs.

The air flow is distributed from the outdoor unit to all the indoor units that are turned on. This allows you to have full control on what rooms and power setting you wish to have air condition dispersed to.

You can individually control the different temperatures in each room, helping you save running costs by heating or cooling rooms as required.

For more information on Air Smart’s multi system air conditioning installations on the Gold Coast, call us today on 5563 8530 or fill out our contact us form to receive a free quote.

Request an online quote today. Upload your floor plan and our team will get in contact.