You will often see great prices advertised for cheap split system installations, often what people may not be aware of these prices are for a back to back installation, if your installation is not back to back you can get caught out with a number of extras.

Generally a back to back installation will cover the following:

  • indoor unit, outdoor unit, remote control
  • plastic capping to cover pipes
  • 3 meters of piping between the indoor unit & the outdoor unit
  • single story installation
  • the indoor unit is mounted on a wall that is also external facing

Air Smart back to back installation will include:

  • indoor & outdoor unit, remote
  • all materials for installation, including brackets or slab for the outdoor to be mounted on
  • isolator at the outdoor unit
  • 4 meters of pipe, each meter after that charged at $20/meter
  • visit our split system price list Split Systems